The Culture For You The Individual

Welcome to IFBB Professional Athlete Holly Beck’s Body Culture. We are an exclusive, high-end boutique fitness center with the expertise and environment you've been looking for in a private fitness facility. The only training facility in the Sarasota owned and managed by a professional Athlete, we are conveniently located in downtown Sarasota at 2055 Wood Street, Suite103. You are welcome to reach us by phone at 941.404.8550 or by email at
Here at Holly Beck's BODY CULTURE a healthy lifestyle IS our CULTURE. Through high-end personal training the environment is that of focusing on you, the individual and your personal goals. It is a place to focus on you without the embarrassing distractions of a typical large, big box gym.  

We are the most well equipped training facility in the Sarasota area, which ensures our ability to help you reach your fitness goals. Our “Body Culture” concept is all about providing you with the environment as well as all the healthy tools necessary to reach your ultimate fitness level. No matter what level of fitness you desire to accomplish, whether it be getting into the best shape of your life or actually becoming a competitive athlete, we posses the necessary tools such as guidance by professional athletes that provide personal training utilizing the best equipment available today as well as the nutritional support required to fuel intense workouts and recovery. We specialize in personal training for individuals of all ages and fitness levels by using both traditional and innovative methods designed by our fitness professionals who have experience unmatched in the industry. Your sessions at Becks Body Culture will be designed to maximize your results and take full advantage of the effort you put forth. Our staff of elite trainers has the ability to educate you not only on proper training methods but also sound nutrition designed to optimize fat metabolism, raise energy levels, and build lean muscle. With us you will find no gimmicks, fad diets or empty promises… Only a focus on living a healthy lifestyle! WE invite you to be part of the culture… Beck’s Body Culture!