About Holly Beck


Hi! I'm HollyBeck IFBB Pro (56yrs young) Becks Body Culture Owner, I'm an IFBB Figure Pro (since 2009), an Olympia Athlete (2011), NPC State Judge, Personal Trainer,Competition Prep and Posing Coach in Sarasota, Florida 

Holly Beck's Body Culture

I'm the Owner of Becks Body Culture and Competition Coach and Fitness Trainer. I have over 21 years of training and personal competition experience and over 30 competitions(!) under my belt as well as 17years of Personal training experience.  Not only with competitors but the full gamut of clientele.  I do full competition prep for Bikini Competitions as well as Figure,Wellness an Physique divisions.   I create your meal plans and your workouts, and help you with posing, suit selection, makeup and stage prep and presentation. You will be fully prepared and in good hands. There's a great deal to cover for a competition, and the more prepared you are the better your journey will be! This is always my number one goal for anyone who wants to compete OR just look like a competitor.

I'm asked often how I got into fitness. Many years ago, I found myself in an "unhealthy" rut with my lifestyle, career and relationship choices. At 36, I was at a crossroads. I discovered the gym was my safe haven and “my time for myself”. The more I learned and made progress physically, the better I felt mentally and emotionally about myself. I was able to face my life situation clearly and make healthier choices. As time went on I found out I had more than just aptitude for fitness - I had found my passion!

I started competing in 2000 then joined the NPC. In 2006, I made it to National Level and retired. I didn't think at my age I'd ever turn into a Pro Athlete ...yet it happened. A turning point in my life caused me to become re-inspired. I came out of retirement and decided to try it one more time in 2009. At that point, I made short work of the comeback. Placing 2nd in the Masters Division, 3rd in the Open at the Eastern Seaboard in Atlanta and 3rd at Team USA in NYC. Then in November 2009 at the Nationals in Hollywood, FL, I took 1st place in my class Becoming a National Champion, I had earned my pro card at age 44.

My first year as Pro was tough starting at the bottom again. The second year I started placing a little better, and I was amazed that I could still make improvements and changes on my then 47 year old body. But I did, and I finally cracked the top 3 in a Pro level show, which qualified me to compete in the prestigious Ms. Figure Olympia 2011 - certainly the achievement of a lifetime. I'm still an Active Pro and compete a few times a year, since I still enjoy it and it keeps me fit focused. I love to represent and inspire my over 40 gals by standing in a Pro line up with other women half my age!!!

Becoming a trainer full time was a decision I made as I immersed myself into the fitness lifestyle. The market for my 20 year career as a architectural designer was dissolving, and I felt it was time for a shift and a leap of faith. I’ve been told once you do something that's your passion you can and will succeed. I’ve never looked back and consider myself to be in one of the most rewarding professions that one can choose.

The joy of a healthy life is immeasurable. I rarely have a bad day because I'm so grateful for my own health and the ability show others the way to a healthy lifestyle. If you're looking for inspiration, or aspire to have a body you never imagined for yourself - no matter your age or starting point - I encourage you to reach out to me. I look forward to working with you!